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Corporate Occupiers

Corporate occupiers can have a large and diverse portfolio of real estate.

Not simply office buildings, this can include specialised buildings such as: retail space; data centres; R&D sites; hotels; football stadia; shared working hubs; golf courses; leisure centres; health spas; call centres; business parks; mast sites, and everything in between.

Our real estate team’s expertise and experience covers all aspects of the acquisition and disposal of real estate and asset management. We provide clients with commercial, pragmatic advice across a broad spectrum of real estate issues, whatever the size and shape of the asset or portfolio.

Typically we advise on:

  • leasing or building new premises
  • major refurbishment works or alterations to existing premises
  • obtaining new sites or expanding existing facilities to cater for business expansion
  • maximizing the value of an existing estate through the sale of disused premises or disposal of surplus land
  • acquiring new bases through corporate acquisitions
  • consolidating businesses from multiple locations into a single headquarter premises

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16 May 2024

Recent uncertainty in the market has led to the concept of flexibility becoming a top priority for many corporate occupiers when looking for space and negotiating terms for a new lease. With this in mind, Tom Merrick, Aimee Dring and Annabel Lindsay have produced a three-part series on alienation for EG in which they discuss what it is, why it is important for both landlords and tenants and what needs to be considered when an occupier is looking to assign or underlet their lease.

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11 January 2024

For a corporate occupier, committing to a multi-year lease with a substantial rent as well as added service charge liability is a significant financial commitment.

Green Building Certifications

Green Building Certifications

03 January 2024

In the current climate, “green” buildings are taking the market by storm. Why? Corporate occupiers are seeking light, airy, green, flexible working spaces to retain, and attract, employees. ESG goals are at the top of most businesses’ agendas and where better than the office to showcase the “E” in ESG.

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As the summer draws to an end and we contemplate the darker, winter months ahead cloistered within our workplaces, many might yearn for the connection with nature and the outdoors they’ve enjoyed over their holidays and sunny weekends. Biophilic office design is one way we can achieve a re-connection with nature: a design principle that places nature at its centre and focuses on bringing the outside indoors.

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