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We have been advising clients in the advertising sector since the early 1970s. We have advised the founders of advertising agencies which became icons of the British advertising industry, to many of the world’s largest agency networks, as well as leading independent agencies.

Along the way, we’ve advised them on mergers and acquisitions, public company flotations and ultimately on to their sale. We helped them hire people and fire people, and now we teach them how look after millennials. We advised on them on their contracts, their IP, their premises, their disputes, their tax and their immigration issues.

But a few years ago, advertisers began to realize that if they wanted specialist advertising advice, they should speak to a firm that is immersed in the business. So now we advise them too, particularly in relation to data protection and privacy (including the GDPR), advertising regulation, talent contracts, employment status of freelancers and intellectually property protection, enforcement and disputes. 

You can view our latest 2 AdLaw blog posts below and our full blog here.

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

03 November 2022

Did you know that 1 in 5 of us will be affected by disability at some point in our lives?


Harnessing adtech and advertiser first party data

05 October 2022

The delivery of advertising has undergone a digital transformation in the last 20 years. Digital media is now at the heart of any successful campaign, and advertisers and agencies are increasingly dependent on ad-tech platforms to deliver online advertising and ensure that it reaches the desired audience.

Comparative Advertising: what it is and how to manage risk

21 September 2022

In highly competitive markets, advertisers might not stop at extolling the virtues of their own product, and may look to compare with those of competitors.


Lewis Silkin and Full Fact present: Tackling misinformation in an open society

07 July 2022

Did you hear about the drinks firm that spent years explaining that it doesn’t sponsor blood sports? Or the bank whose share price was hit by online rumours?

Lewis Silkin has advised ustwo studios in its transition to employee ownership

24 June 2022

Lewis Silkin has advised ustwo in its transition to an EOT. As of April 2022, founders Mills and Sinx, and shareholder Marcus Woxneryd reduced their equity in ustwo studios and transferred the majority ownership of the business to all current and future employees.

Geraint Lloyd-Taylor comments on greenwashing for The Financial Times

17 June 2022

Does the consumer world need to tone down the green talk, for its own good?

Video marketing

Ads & Brands Law Digest: June 2022

16 June 2022

Welcome to the June 2022 edition of our Digest, covering legal and regulatory developments from the last few weeks relevant to advertising, marketing and brand-owning businesses. As usual, for each item we provide a succinct summary accompanied by a link to the full text of the relevant official source or our own report.

Business Office

Protecting your business: Restrictive covenant issues for advertising agencies

08 June 2022

Protecting your Agency from competitive threats is vital. Losing a team or a key employee to a competitor can be extremely damaging - you may lose clients, prospects and other valuable staff as a result and your confidential information may be put at risk.

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