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Employment issues in Advertising

We recognise that your most valuable asset is your talent and that your culture is a key part of how you attract and retain people. We understand that any decisions involving your people need to reflect that culture.

Alongside day-to-day advice and support, we have significant experience advising on attracting, rewarding and incentivising high performers. We also advise on exiting underperformers and managing restructuring exercises (whether after an acquisition or more generally).


We recognise that your sector is specifically impacted by certain people issues, for example:

  • whether (and how) TUPE applies when a client account changes hands (including advising on TUPE drafting in client/agency agreements)
  • managing mental health issues at work (and particularly the impact of stress related illness)
  • employment status and the use of 'freelancers' as a flexible resource
  • diversity and gender pay

We have significant industry experience advising on all these areas.

Although we know that litigation or Data Subject Access Requests are only rarely received, we are experience at defending (and settling) Employment Tribunal claims and managing Data Subject Access Requests.


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