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Our multidisciplinary retail team understands the increasing pressure on retailers to adapt to the ever changing market in which they operate and that, as technology continues to evolve, so will the needs of retailers.

Whilst our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector means we provide excellent advice on the here and now, we also keep an eye to the future. We help retailers get ahead of the law and shape it, making representations to the government on proposed new laws rather than just sitting back and letting them happen.

We ask ourselves, what do retailers want or need. That’s why we developed our fixed fee HR support service, rockhopper, which delivers excellent legal advice without breaking the often dwindling legal budget.

Advising retailers on advertising & brand issues, property issues for multi-site retailers, employment issues relevant to their diverse and transient workforce, the drafting of strategic commercial contracts (including logistics, consumer, franchising, distribution, e-commerce & outsourcing) and managing disputes are just some of the things we do.  

Our clients include the UK’s largest department stores, national clothing retailers, designer shoe and clothing companies, retailers in health and beauty and duty free as well as those who are new to the sector.

You can view our latest 2 blog posts below and our full blog here.  



The Collective by Lewis Silkin

The Collective by Lewis Silkin brings together a “collective” of ideas and thoughts from leading figures and ...

The Collective by Lewis Silkin report

Download our Business 2023 report here – luxury retail, hospitality and lifestyle insights.

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Plans for new rights for consumers during trader insolvency

31 July 2020

Figures show that online sales have jumped from 19.9% of all retail sales in January to 32.8% in May 2020.

NHS Test and Trace data in the hospitality and retail sector

06 July 2020

Hoorah! Over the weekend, pubs (along with other equally exciting venues) have begun to re-open!

CMA issues update on work of its Covid-19 Taskforce

06 July 2020

The Competition and Markets Authority has issued an update on the work of its Covid-19 taskforce, set up to identify, monitor and respond to competition law and consumer protection law issues arising from coronavirus and the measures taken by businesses in response to it.


Sellers watch out – EU approves new rules for consumer class actions

03 July 2020

Consumers will have enhanced rights to take collective actions against traders for breaches of consumer law in future.


Limits introduced on suppliers’ right to terminate for insolvency

29 June 2020

Clauses which allow termination when your counterparty enters into insolvency are commonplace, and are often inserted into commercial agreements routinely, without too much thought. It may come as a surprise, therefore, that these will now largely be unenforceable by suppliers of goods and services against their customers.


New advisory body for Scottish consumers

25 June 2020

If you sell goods or services to consumers in Scotland, take note as the Consumer Scotland Act 2020 has received Royal Assent.

City buildings

EU plans changes to e-commerce and competition law

10 June 2020

We recently reported on the ASAI's publication of its annual report, in which it said that at a time when online shopping and digital commerce are experiencing exponential growth and have played a key role during the pandemic, it wants digital platforms to engage significantly from both compliance and funding perspectives.

City buildings

What does the return to retail look like?

03 June 2020

Retail businesses are starting to reopen as part of the government’s plans to ease the country out of lockdown. How should retailers go about preparing to make a return to our high streets and shopping centres?

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