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‘Just Do it’, ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, ‘Every Little Helps’: Slogans are at the heart of some of the most iconic branding, yet checking that a new line has not been used before poses particular difficulties from a brand clearance perspective.

This is where AdSlogans comes in…

AdSlogans is a search tool that has been designed specifically for checking slogans (also called straplines, taglines and endlines).

Our AdSlogans search functionality at a fixed fee price allows you to verify or discount the use of trade marks, advertising slogans and straplines before you or your client have fallen in love with them … avoiding the all too common problem of being told later that it cannot be used without infringing third party rights.

What’s included? 

Our AdSlogans reports, including an attorney-run trade mark search, seek to identify relevant, statutory trade marks rights.

We also offer an assessment of the legal risks posed by the results. This service analyses the threats posed to use and registration of the proposed slogan and ranks them using an easy-to-follow traffic light system corresponding to the level of risk. Our attorney will provide a range in % of what high risk/medium risk and low risk mean. The trade mark attorney will highlight any areas of concern and may suggest further trade mark searches are undertaken. Our trade mark attorneys will confirm whether the searches have identified a potential risk, and that we should seek advice from a lawyer qualified in that territory.

The trade mark search should be considered a coarse search only, looking exclusively for identical or near-identical earlier trade mark rights that may pose an immediate and fatal block to use and/or registration, and the search does not extend to earlier confusingly similar trade mark rights that could also give rise to a threat to use and / or registration of the target line. For further information about our comprehensive trade mark searches, please contact our Brands & IP department.

Jurisdictions covered by the search - Trade Marks

‘UK/Ireland’: UK, Republic of Ireland, EUIPO (unitary trade mark protected 27 EU Member States) and International Trade Mark Registrations filed via WIPO that designate protection in the UK, Republic of Ireland or EUIPO.

‘Extended’: UK, Ireland, EUIPO, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and International Trade Mark Registrations filed via WIPO designating those territories.


AdSlogans LineCheck (per line, including identical trade mark register search and risk assessment)


UK / Ireland LineCheck on a 4 - 5 day turnaround = £1,300 (plus VAT)

Extended LineCheck on a 4 -5 day turnaround = £1,800 (plus VAT)


UK/Ire LineCheck on a 2-day turnaround = £1,700 (plus VAT)

Extended LineCheck on a 2-day turnaround = £2,250 (plus VAT)

What other searches are available outside of the AdSlogans service?

In addition to more detailed trade mark searches, we provide domain name, company name, registered design and common law searches. We also provide investigation services.

Contact details

If you have any questions, or would like to order an AdSlogans search please email us at


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