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Construction and engineering projects are often regarded as complex, involving a tangled web of advisors and contracts, and with a potential pitfall around every corner.

Whether our client is procuring or supplying, we aim to simplify the process and navigate the pitfalls. 

Our specialist construction lawyers work with you to provide pragmatic advice from advising on the procurement strategy, drafting and negotiating contracts with appropriate risk allocation, to being on call to provide clear advice on issues during and after construction.  Our advice will help you avoid problems but if they do arise, we will seek to minimize their impact and help you resolve them, if necessary by bringing or defending claims.

We have a track record of assisting clients to a successful conclusion on regeneration schemes and mixed use developments, new build and refurbishment projects, fitting out of new premises, long term repairs and maintenance contracts and complex engineering projects. 

We can help you with:

  • contracts (whether industry standard such as JCT, NEC, TPC, FIDIC, etc or bespoke forms): procurement strategies, drafting and negotiation, key risk reviews and contract audits
  • construction contract disputes: adjudication, arbitration, mediation and resolution through the courts
  • public procurement: choice of procedure, drafting or reviewing tender documents, advice during the procurement and defending or bringing challenges



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Lewis Silkin wins Real Estate Team of the Year Award 2020

06 November 2020

Lewis Silkin has won the accolade of Real Estate Team of the Year award at The Lawyer Awards 2020 for their work on Earl’s Court Regeneration.


Covid-19 relief for financially troubled suppliers with public contracts

01 April 2020

On 20 March 2020 the Cabinet Office published guidance designed to ensure that all public bodies provide support under existing contracts to suppliers of “goods, services and works” who are financially “at risk” as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

More than just a stadium…

19 September 2019

However it’s done, whether being rebuilt from scratch (Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Arsenal), expanded (Liverpool) or converted from other uses (West Ham, Manchester City), one thing for certain is that football stadiums are big business. In this article, we explore some of the current projects and highlight some of the hot topics surrounding these cathedrals of the national game.

Building contracts - good practice and inspections

07 August 2019

This guide will look at how employers, contractors and consultants can form, improve and maintain good relationships. Many of these tips are not exclusive to building contracts, but are especially important in construction projects due to the number of parties involved and the often complex nature of the work. Good faith and alliancing provisions are outside of this note.

Practical Completion and the Rectification Period

25 July 2019

This guide on delay and completion considers: what is practical completion; the consequences of practical completion either happening or not; the options if practical completion is delayed and obligations arising during and at the end of the Rectification Period.

Fail to cooperate at your peril! Court finds that contracting party’s conduct was a repudiatory breach of an implied duty to cooperate

04 June 2019

In a recent case, the court implied a duty to cooperate where close collaboration between the parties was required to perform the contract. The Court also found that one party’s failure to cooperate was a repudiatory breach that the counterparty could rely on in treating the contract as terminated.

Payment issues for Construction Professional Practices

21 May 2019

Can I claim additional fees if the construction costs increase? What if the project takes a lot longer than I thought? My fees are overdue – can I suspend my services?

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