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The catalyst of Covid-19 must bring a positive change to our offices: Clare Reddy writes for Property Week

01 April 2021

Covid-19 has been, and continues to be, a catalyst for change. At some point, life will settle into a new rhythm, which will come with its own challenges. As we grapple with hybrid ways of working, the pandemic has shown that our experiences have not been equal and has emphasised the increased importance of wellbeing.

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Operational shifts have created new expectations from occupiers and new equations for landlords resulting in rapid changes for the Real Estate sector. Developers and investors have an equally difficult challenge in building and planning for a future, the shape of which is not yet known. Lewis Silkin and Henigan Consulting bring the two sides together in a three part series The Great Occupier/Developer Debate so that both sides can understand the challenges faced and draw some conclusions. 

You can view part one Occupier Requirements which took place on the 25th March by clicking here.

Part Two Landlord Equation and Challenges will identify what landlords are aiming to deliver in terms of premises and facilities in response to the occupiers challenges and some challenges of their own. We will be hearing from our landlord and developer panel from Argent; Lendlease and Poplar Works. To join part two of the series please register here.


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