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In today’s connected, content-driven world, media & entertainment businesses face a continuous challenge to push the boundaries, create new opportunities, adapt swiftly to disruption and defend their rights.

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Among the forces at play are the proliferation of distribution channels, the pervasiveness of social media, the demand for authenticity, the rise of streaming, and the fast pace of market change. In order to maximise value, protect brand and talent, and minimise risk, carefully planned commercial strategies, well-protected and fully exploited intellectual property rights, and water-tight contractual agreements are a necessity.

For us, the creative business is our business, and our team is top-ranked for its expertise in the media & entertainment space. We work with the biggest names in the business and innovative new entrants to the market, as well as the major brands who are looking to capitalise on emerging opportunities in this sphere. Our large, dedicated team – many of whom have worked within the industry– means we have a unique perspective, enabling us to deliver sound advice and develop practical solutions for our clients.

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tv on demand

The Media Act 2024

06 June 2024

The Media Act 2024 received Royal Assent after the parliamentary “wash-up” at the end of May 2024. Among other things, it is aimed at levelling the playing field between linear and streamed content by bringing the streamers under new Ofcom rules. It followed a White Paper on media regulation and a draft Media Bill, which was subject to consultation.


Digital, Commerce & Creative 101: Online Safety Act navigation for the video games industry

16 May 2024

The UK’s leading video game industry is forecasted to continue its growth despite challenges within the global games market. With this growth comes new legislation to regulate online platforms including online games companies…

immigration fee rises

Be prepared for upcoming changes to the Creative Worker route

13 May 2024

Updated sponsorship requirements will be in place for applications made on or after 16 May 2024. This impacts artists, entertainers and fashion models coming to the UK for work. Sponsors and applicants should be aware of these changes to ensure they address the new requirements.


Lewis Silkin has advised FilmChain on its €2.8 million series seed investment round

29 April 2024

Lewis Silkin has advised FilmChain on its €2.8 million series seed investment round, led by Holt IntersXion fund, with support from DeBa Ventures, among other investors


Lewis Silkin has advised Banijay UK on its investment in Immovable Studios, co-founded by Akala and Chanelle Newman

23 February 2024

Lewis Silkin has advised Banijay UK on taking a minority stake in Immovable Studios, co-founded by British hip-hop artist, author and social entrepreneur Akala and his business partner and talent manager Chanelle Newman.

Nick Allan

Palworld video game and IP debate: Nick Allan comments for

01 February 2024

Partner and Lewis Silkin video games expert, Nick Allan, was interviewed by the editor-in-chief of leading UK games industry business website,, in relation to the ongoing online debate around intellectual property in video games sparked by the recent smash-hit, Palworld.

AI chatbot usage and concepts

NYT v OpenAI: The Publishing Sector’s AI Content-Scraping Conundrum

19 January 2024

Text and Data Mining (TDM) – and “web scraping” more generally – has been thrust into the spotlight with the recent explosion of Generative AI. At the heart of the issue lies a tension between AI companies on the one hand and publishers on the other.

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