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Public and Administrative Law in N. Ireland

Public sector employment often raises issues under national collective agreements and detailed handbooks of policies and procedures.

We are familiar with Northern Ireland Civil Service terms and conditions and collective agreements such as Agenda for Change and Single Status. In addition, we advise regularly on Freedom of Information Act requests and section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act duties. Charities and their directors must comply with their obligations under the Charities Act.

We can help with:

  • Advising public authorities on their statutory duties and obligations in Northern Ireland
  • Advising on overlapping Judicial Review and injunction issues for public authorities in Northern Ireland
  • Advising on MPMNI and the role of the Accounting Officer in Northern Ireland
  • Advising on governance issues
  • Advising on change management processes
  • Analysing equality data in indirect discrimination matters and advising on justifications
  • Advising on governance issues for charities
  • Advising on compliance with the Charities Act in Northern Ireland

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