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日本商業團隊由Koichiro Nakada領導,他擁有逾35年豐富經驗,為位於英國的大型日本集團就僱傭法及企業要求提供建議。

中國分部由移民法總監Lily Shen領導,她為在英國投資的中國企業及個人客戶服務,擁有超過20年專業經驗。

Soyoung Lee擁有英國僱傭法律師資格,現領導韓國分部。Soyoung為多家韓國企業於英國及歐洲的分支服務,經驗豐富。

香港事務所由僱傭法合夥人Kathryn Weaver領導,作為整個亞太區單一聯絡單位,針對員工需求,為企業提供建議。駐職香港的世勤國際律師為區內主要企業提供服務,當中不少同為領先僱傭法律師聯盟Ius Laboris的成員。



Our Hong Kong office works closely with Lewis Silkin’s international desks based in the UK, supporting companies and individuals based in the Asia Pacific region with their UK and European legal requirements as well as supporting business’ legal needs in Asia Pacific. Our international desks have lawyers who are fluent in Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

The Japan Business Group is led by Koichiro Nakada, with over 35 years’ experience of advising leading Japanese companies in the UK on their employment law and corporate requirements.

Our China Desk is headed by Immigration Director Lily Shen who has spent the past 20 years working with Chinese corporates and individuals who are investing in the UK.

UK qualified employment lawyer Soyoung Lee, runs our Korea Desk. Soyoung has extensive experience working for the UK and European branches of many Korean organisations.

Our Hong Kong office, headed by employment partner Kathryn Weaver, provides single contact advice to companies across the entire Asia Pacific region in relation to their people needs. Our international lawyers based in Hong Kong work with leading regional firms many of which are fellow members of the leading employment law alliance Ius Laboris.

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