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...a little bit of law - Plans

06 November 2016

Plans often need to be drawn up as part of the process of documenting a land transaction. Historically, the Land Registry would accept most plans, as long as they were clear. Those days are long gone. The Land Registry now has a detailed list of requirements and they will refuse to register a transaction where the relevant plans do not comply with these requirements.

The requirements are fairly sensible and, if followed, tend to produce clear plans which are easy to understand. There is merit in ensuring that the millions of plans recorded at the Land Registry all share common features, so that it’s easier to compare them against each other.

To avoid wasted time and expense and to avoid the risk of a transaction being incapable of registration, it is important to get the plans right first time. You should ensure that the people drawing up your plans have a copy of this leaflet. They should treat it as a checklist and ensure that each point is dealt with.

Practice makes perfect

Land Registry Practice Guide 40 (Supplement 2) is the full guide to the preparation of Land Registry plans. It can be accessed at no cost on the Land Registry website:

Please click 'download files' to read the full Insight.

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