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Sports Forum: Data Analytics and the Future of Elite Sporting Performance

  • 07 February 2017
  • 5:00pm - 6:15pm (Registration from 4:30pm)
  • 5 Chancery Lane, Cliffords Inn Passage, EC4A 1BL

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The ability to track an athlete’s performance is becoming ever more sophisticated and pervasive.

With data capture and analysis expanding from the training ground to real time opposition analysis during competition, and with the role of statistics, algorithmic decision making and data protection taking centre stage in wider public affairs in recent months, we invite you to join our timely discussion on data analytics in sport.

Our esteemed panellists will debate how elite athletes and teams are increasingly relying on data analysis to gain a competitive edge, focussing on issues such as:

  • Can data analysis replace qualitative methods? Is there still a place for the old school talent scout?
  • Does data only show part of the picture?
  • What sorts of data are sports teams collecting (and are they missing out?)
  • How has data capture and analysis impacted sporting performance and what are the latest methods (and future trends) in the sporting arena?

The Panel

On the panel discussing these topics and more will be:

  • Chris Anderson (former goalkeeper turned football statistics guru and author of “The Numbers Game: why everything you know about football is wrong”);
  • Giles Lindsay (National Lead for Performance Analysis at the England and Wales Cricket Board); and
  • Simon Banoub (Global Director of Marketing for Catapult, manufacturers of the most advanced wearable data capture technology in the world).

The discussion will be chaired on a Chatham House rules basis by Karish Andrews, Corporate Partner within Lewis Silkin's Sports Business Group with a particular focus acting for football clubs and investors in sport.

Please note that this event is closed to private practice lawyers and journalists.

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