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Five in 5

15 May 2018

A series of five hints, tips and thoughts you should definitely remember as part of your sponsor reporting obligations.

1. Change in start date

If the migrant starts working for you later than the ‘start date’ on the Certificate of Sponsorship, you need to notify the Home Office via the online Sponsor Management System within 10 days.

2. Migrant leaves early or change in immigration status

If employment ends before the ‘end date’ on the Certificate of Sponsorship, you must notify the Home Office that you’ve stopped sponsoring the migrant within 10 days. You’ll need to give the date, the reason, and last known contact details. You also need to do this where migrants obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain.

3. Change in job title or promotion

If a migrant’s job title changes, you must notify the Home Office within 10 days. If the new role falls under a different ‘Standard Occupational Classification’ code, the individual will need to obtain a new visa.

4. Changes of address

Where the company office address changes, you must report this within 10 days. You must also make a report for each affected migrant worker. While the method for doing so is not clearly set out, we recommend you make the update against each migrant’s Certificate of Sponsorship on the Sponsor Management System.

5. Change in business size

If the size of your business changes from small to large (or vice versa) you must notify the Home Office within 10 days. This will impact how much you pay for the Immigration Skills Charge, and the cost of renewing your sponsor licence at expiry.

For more information on managing your sponsor licence or any training needs in this area, please do get in touch with a member of the immigration team.


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