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Preparing a trade mark infringement or passing off case: practical considerations?

21 November 2016

This checklist is aimed at rights owners and their advisers, including in-house lawyers, who are considering bringing a trade mark or passing off action in the UK. It provides a brief series of tips and pointers on things to consider when preparing a case.

What do you want to achieve?

This is probably the most important question of all.

  • What remedy are you looking for? Is it within the court’s power to grant it or would it have to be achieved through a negotiated settlement?
  • Are you seeking damages or is it more important to use PR generated by the action to act as a deterrent to other infringers? This will impact on:
    • your approach with the defendant;
    • the way you run the litigation;
    • the tone of your correspondence;
    • the amount you are prepared to spend (or lose); and
    • your choice of court.

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The article 'Preparing a trade mark infringement or passing off case: practical considerations' was originally published on the Practical Law website, 7th October 2016. Please note that subscription may be required to access the full article on this website.

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