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Chinese visa applications additional new requirements to be aware of

16 February 2017

Following the recent rollout of China’s new work permit system for Chinese Business Z visas, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revised the requirements for photographs submitted to overseas Chinese consular and embassies with visa applications.

Effective immediately, only photos that meet the following requirements will be accepted:

  • Colour photos, taken within the last six months;
  • Sized 48mm by 33mm, with the image of the subject’s head being 15mm to 22mm wide and 20mm to 33mm high;
  • Backgrounds should be plain white or off-white, with no edge frames and no visible background objects or images;
  • Subject should be front-facing, with the entire head and face centered and clearly visible, with no more than a 20-degree left or right tilt and no more than a 25-degree up or down tilt;
  • Facial expressions should be natural, with eyes open, lips closed, and ears visible;
  • Eyeglasses are permitted, unless they are thick-rimmed, tinted, or produce a glare so as to obscure facial features;
  • Hats or other headwear are only permitted for religious reasons, but may not obscure facial features;
  • Photos should be in natural color tone, with no over- or under-exposure, no “red eyes”, no permeation or shadow, and no other distortions; and
  • Photos should be printed on glossy finish photo paper (not matte or plain finish), free of stains, scratches, or creases.

It is also advisable to refrain from wearing any jewellery in the photos.

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