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Kenneth Leung

Kenneth LeungSenior Consultant

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I am a Senior Consultant specialising in tax, pension and employment law matters in Hong Kong.

I have 22 years of experience working in London and Hong Kong advising clients ranging from banks, insurance companies, private equity funds, stockbrokers, multi-nationals, government agencies and NGOs on employment and pensions issues.

My practice covers a broad range of areas including:

  • hiring and selection process
  • discrimination issues
  • restrictive covenants
  • grievance procedures
  • redundancy
  • termination arrangements for senior executives
  • ·outsourcing arrangements
  • employment and pension issues on merger and acquisition
  • pension and reward scheme structuring
  • tax issues relating to pensions, award schemes and mobility
  • data privacy

I obtained my bachelor and masters degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am dual-qualified in Hong Kong (in 1997) and in England and Wales (in 2000). 

I was named as the world’s top 100 leading tax lawyer by Tax Directors Handbook between 2008 and 2016.  I have been frequently recommended for employment work in Chambers and Legal 500. 




  • 招聘和遴選程序;
  • 歧視問題;
  • 限制性條款;
  • 申訴程序;
  • 裁員;
  • 高級行政人員的解僱安排;
  • 外判安排;
  • 進行併購時的僱傭和退休金問題;
  • 退休金和獎勵計劃架構;
  • 有關退休金、獎勵計劃和流動性的稅務問題;
  • 數據私隱。

我獲得了倫敦政治經濟學院的學士和碩士學位。我分別在香港 (1997年) 以及英格蘭和威爾斯 (2000年) 獲得認可資格。

2008年至2016年期間,我獲稅務總監手冊(Tax Directors Handbook)評為全球百強稅務律師。我的僱傭法律工作亦經常獲 Chambers 和 Legal 500推薦。

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