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Employers need to reevaluate package to attract and retain staff - Síobhra Rush comments for RTÉ

24 August 2022

Síobhra Rush has shed some light for RTÉ Ireland on what employers need to do in order to attract and retain their staff.

In an interview done by RTÉ Ireland, Siobhra has explained why flexible working is becoming just as important as salary. From flexible working hours, to trialling the 4-day week, it is important for employers to be aware of what steps they need to take to ensure they keep and retain staff.

Salary and status aren't really motivators for employees anymore,” she said. “They want a sense of belonging and purpose, they want to know that the company is living to its values, and looking at increased benefits such as mental health days, contributions to childcare and fertility treatment support.”

You can read the article here or listen to the interview here.

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