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Business immigration in Ireland

Today’s workforce is increasingly international, with companies competing for talent on a global scale.

It is more critical than ever to mobilise the skills and knowledge bases of the modern workforce across borders in order to reconfigure operations, respond to shifting demand or to enter new markets.

As businesses look to strategically deploy and secure talent, getting immigration right is a critical, but complex, process. Expert advice that can smooth the transition is vital. Our specialist approach minimises the risk of avoidable problems which can slow progress and provides fast turnaround solutions to any unexpected issues that arise.

From relocations for senior executives or even entire teams to high net worth individuals or high-profile celebrities or athletes – and their families – relocating on a temporary or permanent basis, we provide a truly personal, end-to-end service. Knowing how time-sensitive and stressful the process can be, we have the expertise to hit the ground running and minimise the impact on your business and the lives of the people involved.

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Adult re-entry visas abolished in Ireland from 13 May

17 April 2019

A welcome announcement from the Minister for Justice and Equality means that from 13 May 2019, visa required nationals who hold a valid Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) card will no longer need to apply for a re-entry visa to travel back to Ireland. It is sufficient for them to show their IRP/GNIB card for visa purposes.

New Employment Permits Regulations in Ireland

16 April 2019

The Employment Permits (Amendment) Regulations 2019 ('the Regulations') will take effect from 22 April 2019. They will be a welcome relief in certain sectors struggling to fill roles with EEA citizens.

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