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A Lasting Change

Welcome to #aLastingChange, a useful resource for ideas, collaboration, information, legal insight and opinions on how we can create a long-lasting improvement in women’s experience of work and overall make the working environment a better place for everyone.

2017 was the year women’s workplace issues dominated the public conversation. The media shone a light on issues including unequal pay, sexual harassment and under-representation of women in senior roles. Responsibility for dealing with these – and other – problems lies with all of us.  We will support any organisation that wants to learn more about how it can deal with these issues.

The content will change and grow as we all contribute best practice in our respective organisations or highlight articles in the wider media.  There are links to other campaigns and materials created by industry bodies which you might find useful.  Lewis Silkin does not endorse any third party content or any views expressed by other organisations.

We explain why we are sponsoring this initiative

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Significant new guidance on harassment from the EHRC

22 January 2020

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (“EHRC”) has published substantial new guidance on sexual harassment and harassment at work, containing detailed recommendations on steps employers should consider taking to prevent and deal with such behaviour.

NDAs made simple - latest requirements and best practice

04 December 2019

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority has reissued its warning notice on non-disclosure agreements (“NDAs”), shortly after publication of new guidance by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. We’ve created a table to clarify current legal and regulatory requirements, best practice and future proposals for using confidentiality provisions in settlement agreements and employment contracts.

Women and Equalities Committee proposes radical changes to enforcement of discrimination law

02 August 2019

A “fundamental shift” is required in the way discrimination claims are brought so individuals do not carry the burden of enforcing their rights, a report by the Women and Equalities Committee (“WEC”) has recommended. Instead, the WEC has said that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (“EHRC”) must “overcome its timidity” and be bolder in using its existing powers.

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Dealing with #MeToo issues in the legal sector and creating a more positive culture

27 June 2019

Similarly to other sectors, the legal industry has not been immune from #Metoo issues.

Workplace bullying

UsToo? – Addressing bullying and sexual harassment in the legal profession

16 May 2019

Earlier this week, the International Bar Association published its report on bullying and harassment in the legal profession. The message is clear – as a profession we are not meeting the highest standards of conduct which are integral to our positions as bastions of the law. We must change within the profession, and take responsibility for driving wider societal change.

Michael Burd comments for The Financial Times: Sexual harassment and bullying rife in legal profession

15 May 2019

Michael Burd has commented in an article for The Financial Times that discusses bullying and sexual harassment in the legal profession. Workplace training is having little or no effect on tackling the issues, according to a global survey of 7,000 people working in the sector.

Richard Miskella comments for The Lawyer: Learning the practical lessons of #MeToo: Two City firms appoint workplace guardians

03 May 2019

Richard Miskella has commented in an article for The Lawyer which discusses #MeToo and the “Guardians Programme” put in place by Lewis Silkin. This has seen us appoint designated members of staff to be a confidential port of call for colleagues who are concerned about behaviours or the culture at work.

Workplace bullying

How should hospitality employers deal with third-party harassment at Christmas parties?

17 December 2018

“Christmas time is here by golly; disapproval would be folly; Deck the halls with hunks of holly, fill the cup and don’t say when”, as the legendary American satirist Tom Lehrer once sang. But Christmas party season can be a mixed blessing. The day after the office party, you will find many HR managers bracing themselves to hear what happened the night before…

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