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Creating some noise both internally and externally requires ideas, materials, a marketing plan and energy.

You might be planning to run a campaign within your own organisation. Feel free to promote your campaign using #aLastingChange.

The basics

As a minimum we recommend every organisation has two things:

That’s not enough however.  What will work for your organisation will depend upon your industry sector, culture, demographics and many other factors.  We can support you to design your own bespoke solutions. We have already done so with lots of organisations, some of whom have generously allowed us to include their work on this site, to act as an encouragement, incentive and examples of what can be done to make positive changes in real workplaces facing a wide range of challenges. 

The Old Vic's Guardians programme

The Old Vic’s Guardians programme was developed to embed a consistent and strong culture throughout all its various departments and divisions, and to facilitate good quality, timely escalation of issues when they arise. Here is a copy of the information pack on how to create a Guardians programme. There is also a practical guide so there is no barrier to implementation no matter what size the organisation of the level of their resource. 

Further information on The Old Vic's Guardians programme can be found on their website.

Useful links

Our guides for A Lasting Change

Workplace bullying

Bullying and harassment

Family rights


Equality at work

Gender pay gap

Equal Pay

Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap reporting

Maternity leave and pay

The law recognises employees on maternity leave as being particularly vulnerable and gives them special protection. As a result, employers need to be careful to make sure they comply with their legal obligations in this area. This Inbrief summarises the rights that ...

Flexible working - the right to ask

Employees seeking a better balance between the demands of work and personal life may seek a change in their working arrangements – for example, through part-time working, job-sharing or a change in working hours. While there is no right to insist on working in a ...

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