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Linda Hynes comments on The 'Great Unretirement' in RTÉ Business News

20 March 2023

As fears of Covid-19 subside and worries around the rising cost-of-living take over, many older people are returning to the workforce, a movement known as the 'Great Unretirement'.

During the pandemic, many people aged over 50 left their jobs due to health concerns, but research shows that trend is now reversing.

Employers who are struggling to recruit due to record high employment here, will be hoping this wave of returning workers will help to address their staff shortages.

Linda Hynes, Partner in Lewis Silkin’s Dublin office comments "There is an obligation on employers to take reasonable steps to prevent employees being subjected to victimisation and harassment on the nine discriminatory grounds including age," she said.

When asked if age discrimination in the workplace is a big issue in Ireland, Ms Hynes said they are seeing more focus on the area of mandatory retirement, with more employees seeking to work beyond the employer’s normal retirement age.

"If this request is refused, they may challenge their employer’s mandatory retirement age and claim that the employer does not have an objective justification for the specific retirement age they have included in the contract of employment," she explained.

Ms Hynes said it is important for employers who have mandatory retirement ages to keep them under review and ensure that they are still relevant and required.

"They need to be able to objectively justify the specific retirement age they have chosen," she said.

Read the full article here.

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