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Immigration law in China – an overview

05 May 2017

This inbrief is designed to provide a general overview about business visits and employment authorisation requirements for China. As with all countries the immigration laws may be amended with little or no notice and this guide is designed to be general in nature.

Business visitors

What constitutes a business visit?

A business visit is generally a short term trip in order to undertake business related activities for which the Immigration Authorities in the destination country would not require the individual to have employment or work authorisation. Individuals should ensure that the activities undertaken fall within the guidelines on ‘permitted activities’ as a business visitor.

It is important to note that the activities being conducted will define the nature of the trip and not the length of the trip. For example a very short visit may require the individual to hold employment or work authorisation because the activities fall outside of the ‘permitted activities’ and amount to substantive or productive work.

You can read the full in-brief by clicking 'download files' below.

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