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Trade Mark Classification

21 November 2017

For trade mark classification purposes, all possible goods and services are sub-divided into the 45 “classes” listed below. The descriptions give a broad indication as to the types of goods and services covered by each class.

When a trade mark application is filed the brand owner must state within which of these classes the brand is currently either actually being used, or otherwise the classes within which there is a bona fide intention to use the brand.

Once the relevant general classes have been identified, a detailed description of the specific goods / services can be prepared. The greater the number of classes applied for, the greater the scope of protection afforded by registration. However, it should be borne in mind that the cost of applying for the trade mark increases commensurately with each class since an additional fee per class is payable. Furthermore, applying for a greater number of classes may give rise to problems in obtaining registration due to the higher likelihood of encountering earlier conflicting trade mark registrations.

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