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Home Affairs Committee reports that the Home Office does not have the capacity to deliver Brexit

14 February 2018

In a report published today on the Home Office’s delivery of Brexit in regards to immigration, the Home Affairs Committee cites Lewis Silkin’s praise for the commitment and hard work of UK Visas and Immigration’s European casework team.

The Committee refers to written evidence prepared by Lewis Silkin, also citing our criticisms of application processes and of the Home Office’s lack of planning. Our points regarding the Home Office’s poor history in developing IT systems are noted in the report as well.

Taking these points and many other factors into consideration, the Home Affairs Committee warns that Brexit will result in serious problems for immigration service delivery and border security because of a lack of planning and resources. The Committee expresses concern over the continued uncertainty regarding the status of EU nationals.

You can read the full article 'Immigration system unprepared for Brexit' and download the report PDF 'Home Office delivery of Brexit: immigration' on the Parliament UK website

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With Brexit scheduled for 29 March 2019, there will be both long and short term legal implications for UK and international businesses.

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