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Our advice on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and our guidance on how employers should respond in the UK and internationally.

Various measures introduced to combat the coronavirus outbreak, including the furlough scheme, the current rollout of the vaccination programme and the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, raise numerous issues for businesses. We have prepared a comprehensive set of FAQs for employers setting out guidance on all the main questions we are being asked. We will keep these Q&As updated in light of the rapidly changing situation and new government advice.

For the latest international guidance, visit the Ius Laboris Covid-19 hub.

If you have further questions, or if you would like our support with your policy stance or any specific situation related to coronavirus, please do get in touch.

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Coronavirus – FAQs on staffing decisions throughout the pandemic

20 January 2022

Employers are facing many employment law issues as the guidance on working safely during the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve. These FAQs cover specific issues in relation to deciding which employees should stay at home and what happens if employees do not want to come to work.

Coronavirus headline

Coronavirus – FAQs on managing safe work throughout the pandemic

20 January 2022

Employers are facing many employment law issues as the guidance on working safely during the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve. These FAQs cover employers’ health and safety obligations, including risk assessments, risk control measures and responsibilities towards employees who are advised to self-isolate.

Staffing decisions flowchart - March 2021

Staffing decisions when reopening workplaces - flowchart

20 January 2022

We have updated our flowchart to help employers decide which employees should attend their workplace following the removal of the work from home guidance as of 19 January 2022.

Sickness absence and sick pay during the Covid-19 pandemic - FAQs for employers

20 January 2022

This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about sickness absence and sick pay during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, including the rules on statutory sick pay and the position of people who are self-isolating or otherwise vulnerable.

Covid pass

Using the NHS Covid pass for staff

20 January 2022

The NHS Covid pass offers businesses an easy way of discovering an individual’s Covid status but there are legal issues to consider first. This insight considers the key data protection and equalities issues raised by using the pass for staff.

covid test

Workforce testing – FAQs for employers

14 January 2022

Testing for Covid-19 has an important role to play in the government’s plan to keep the economy open, , control the spread of the virus and increase customer and staff confidence. These FAQs cover the legal issues and considerations that employers should take on board when considering or using a testing programme.


Coronavirus vaccination - FAQs for employers

13 January 2022

Employers are facing many difficult and untested employment law issues in light of the UK’s Covid-19 vaccination programme. These FAQs cover whether an employer can make vaccination compulsory for its employees, alternatives to a mandatory requirement, time off for vaccine appointments, dealing with vaccine objectors, data privacy concerns and other issues.

Plan B

Plan B – implications for employers

09 December 2021

The Prime Minister has announced that England will move to ‘Plan B’ in response to the rapid rise of cases of the Omicron variant. This article sums up the practical implications for office workers, Christmas parties, self-isolation requirements and the ongoing question of compulsory vaccination.

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