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Resourcing for 2021 and beyond

As the world adjusts to the lasting effects of the pandemic, organisations need to change and adapt.

Businesses have been affected in different ways and whether it is starting their recovery or taking advantage of the opportunities that come from economic uncertainty, the approach to resourcing staff in 2021 will be critical.

Cost savings through redundancies, along with headcount freezes, may limit an organisation’s ability to staff for demand. Changes to the labour market since to the 2008 recession may make the ‘go to’ resourcing solutions harder. Brexit has made it more expensive to hire workers from the EU; scrutiny and regulation of flexible and ad hoc working models regularly makes headline news; and the IR35 reforms will make it more burdensome to recruit freelancers.

The pandemic has also brought about changes to our working lives that businesses and their employees wish to capitalise on. Greater flexibility in where employees work (both home and abroad) and the evolution of the ‘employment deal’ brings opportunities but it also creates risk.

Our Resourcing for 2021 and beyond hub brings together our award winning employment and immigration team’s knowledge and content and provides a practical look at all issues relating to resourcing that organisations may face.

We have significant experience advising employers on all the issues within this hub. If you’d like to talk about your workforce strategy and realising the potential in your people, please contact us.


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