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Are you ready for the uptick in your business? 5 minute short reads for scaling companies.

Business has changed significantly in the revised reality - are you prepared? At this time of changing risk and changing ways of doing business, now is an ideal moment to review your Terms of Business and customer contracts, your liability and risk, and your IP and compliance position - all in readiness for doing business with larger customers at larger volumes. And to help you to look great to investors!

The topics are always relevant, but many have come even more into focus due to the current COVID crisis, as an opportunity to change the way you structure your relationships.  And, as you scale you should always keep an eye on these key issues to increase your likelihood of agreeing a successful partnership with new customers, and achieving successful fund raises.

The series is designed as a starting point for an audit, or set of questions which you could be asking yourself, around key legal issues that you should understand, and to check that you are comfortable with the related risks and opportunities.

Part 1 - Terms of Business – easy improvements to key risks in the changing world

Part 2 - Liability and Risk – key concepts and protections for the new normal

Part 3How to encourage customers to sign up easily with less friction

Part 4 - How to protect your IP and ideas and encourage a smooth investment process

Part 5 - Basic GDPR compliance bearing in mind you are likely to be processing your customer's data (coming soon)

  • Are you a processor or controller in relation to your customers’ data?
  • Do you need a specific Data Processing Agreement to be compliant with GDPR?
  • If the Customer imposes their Data Processing Agreement, which bits are fixed by law and which are negotiable?
  • Have you got the basic GDPR compliance processes and policies in place to demonstrate your company’s compliance?
  • How do you ensure your suppliers, who touch your customer’s personal data, don’t expose you to liability to the customer?

If you have any questions, please do contact David Deakin at Lewis Silkin for a free, no obligations follow up to discuss any of the issues raised.

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