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Shared parental leave

14 May 2019

The system of shared parental leave was introduced as part of the Government’s commitment to create a fairer society that gives parents more flexibility to decide how they want to share care for their child in the first year.

 The Government and ACAS have published guidance for employers and employees explaining how the shared parental leave regime is intended to work.

This inbrief summarises the way in which shared parental leave will operate and the rights parents have under the system. 

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Failing to enhance pay for shared parental leave may be indirect sex discrimination

04 May 2018

The EAT has indicated that enhancing maternity pay, but not pay for taking shared parental leave, may give rise to an indirect sex discrimination claim by fathers. This follows last month’s EAT decision that a failure to pay a father enhanced pay for shared parental leave was not direct sex discrimination.

Lucy Lewis writes for Employee Benefits: Is shared parental leave as effective as it could be?

04 April 2018

In an article for Employee Benefits, Lucy Lewis discusses shared parental leave and how gender pay gap reporting could improve employer's commitment to re-balance family life.

Right to paid parental bereavement leave is coming

04 August 2017

The Parental Bereavement (Pay and Leave) Bill, introduced into Parliament last month, would entitle employed parents who have lost a child to take statutory paid leave to allow them time to grieve. Although this is a private member’s bill, it is supported by the Government and would meet a Conservative manifesto promise to ensure “bereavement support” for employees – so there is a good chance it will become law in due course.

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