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Changing terms

As businesses adapt to rising inflation, many are turning to making changes to terms and conditions as a way of achieving cost savings.

As hybrid working continues following the pandemic, there has been a marked increase in the move towards changing terms and conditions to achieve greater flexibility in contracts, including in roles and job descriptions and, in some cases, incorporating lay-off and short-time working provisions. Many employers see that there is value in ‘future proofing’ contracts and policies and having a more agile workforce who are expected to be willing to adapt as the needs of the business change.

As employment terms are negotiated individually in the UK, employee agreement is required to change terms and conditions. It’s therefore important to remember that this is usually a matter for consultation. If more than 20 people are affected, then a collective consultation process may be triggered.

We help employers navigate the legal aspects of making changes to terms and conditions of employment and planning changes to working arrangements.


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