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Music, Media & Entertainment 4.5: New content

  • 10 July 2019
  • 2pm registration, 2:30pm – 6pm session, 6pm drinks and networking
  • Lewis Silkin offices, 5 Chancery Lane, London, EC4A 1BL

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Lewis Silkin are delighted to invite you to the next event we are holding with Music, Media & Entertainment 4.5

Content formats are changing to cater to new tastes and attention spans while engagement is becoming the key metric to measure success as millennials and digital natives demand new rules of engagement with content and entertainment.

New platforms and services are appearing which cater to the micro-attention span. Is the shorter attention span driven by new technologies, or are new technologies developed to better deliver to digital natives palates?

What is the impact on entertainment and music creation and delivery?

How is entertainment being reimagined? Can long-form survive?

What are the implications for the paid-for advertising business? How is ad-tech adapting to deliver eye-balls and monetisation opportunities of short-form content and micro-attention? What are the new editorial and commercial relationships?

New Content Formats will explore questions such as:

  • How is entertainment reimagined for the palates of digital natives?
  • What are the preferred content formats for whom?
  • GIFs, RIFFS, and Memes – short, collaborative, and amateur
  • How is the development of micro-attention impacting the advertising business model?
  • What are the latest ad-tech adaptations to shorter attention spans?
  • Shares, sends, likes, UGC…is engagement the key metric, and what engagement?
  • What are the opportunities and tensions between editorial versus commercial considerations when catering for different attention spans and content formats?
  • What are the geographical market variations?
  • What are the risks and the regulatory developments?

Speakers include:

  • Marla Altschuler, Founder & Creative Partner, Cantine
  • Timothy Armoo, CEO, Fanbytes
  • Tim Exile, Founder, Endless
  • Cliff Fluet, Partner, Lewis Silkin
  • Carl Hibbert, Head of Consumer Media & Technology, Futuresource
  • Paul Jessop, Chief Technology Advisor, RIAA
  • Dagmar Mae, Chief Product Officer/ Co-Founder, Votemo
  • Nikhil Shah, Co-Founder, Mixcloud
  • Matthew Tulett, entrepreneur, online presence strategist, Angel investor

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Cliff Fluet


I joined Lewis Silkin as a Partner in April 2006 after over a decade as in-house counsel in the music and broadcast industry and founded ...

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