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Future of Work Hub: Technology, trust and the evolving employment 'deal'

  • 25 May 2021
  • 3.30pm - 4.45pm
  • Online

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The last 12 months have marked an unprecedented year of turbulence and uncertainty. As we emerge from the pandemic, trust will have a crucial role to play as organisations chart a new path towards a sustainable "new normal".

With organisations needing to work ever harder to match society’s and employees’ changing expectations, join us as we welcome our keynote speaker - author, entrepreneur and CEO - Margaret Heffernan who will explore these developing attitudes and what organisational capabilities will be required to navigate the challenges ahead.

Following Margaret’s keynote we’ll be sharing a rich pre-recorded panel discussion with perspectives from the Senior Vice President of Edelman Intelligence, Penelope Mantzaris, the Senior Director, Employee Success of Salesforce, Jenny Shiers and the People Director at the NSPCC, Brett Terry.

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The combination of the transformative impact of technology on our lives and the challenges wrought by the pandemic on the way we work is causing profound shifts in how we relate to businesses, leaders and each other.

Anxiety, insecurity and inequality – three themes already closely associated with the world of work as a result of the ongoing impact of automation on jobs, the burgeoning gig economy and the #Metoo and Black Lives Matter movements - have been made even more acute as a result of the pandemic.

With trust in our political institutions and big business breaking down, employers have emerged as the mainstay of trust. This creates an opportunity for organisations to harness the human strength of their workforce to build the resilience and cohesive culture necessary to move forward and thrive in the longer term.

The growing focus on ethical behaviours, people’s individual needs and experiences and “good work”, mean the traditional employment relationship based on job security and financial security in return for loyalty is increasingly outdated. Safety, upskilling and wellbeing, choice and personal agency have grown in importance. Organisations are increasingly expected to step in and take the lead on societal issues, with employees and consumers demanding to be heard and that organisations respond by acting with purpose.

Our keynote address and panel discussion will consider these developing attitudes and assess what organisational capabilities will be required to meet these challenges and what businesses can do now to prepare. 


Future of Work Hub

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