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Apply to extend your accounts filing deadline, and avoid late filing penalty. Companies House - New Service.

22 January 2020

You can use this new service to apply for more time to file your company’s annual accounts with Companies House.

The application is made on-line on the page on the link below. You must send in your application before the normal filing deadline. And you must give a full explanation of why you need the extension.

The reason for the delay must be something that is out of the company’s control. Companies House will not issue the company with a late filing penalty if the application is approved and you file your accounts before the extended deadline.

Something must have happened that is out of the company’s control and that has caused you to be unable to file the accounts on time.

Apply on-line on this page:

Companies House deal with numerous requests for extensions to the accounts filing deadline. We understand that by making the process more automated in this way it will cut down their costs in relation to this.

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