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UK's ‘back to work’ plan puts business and unions at odds: James Davies comments for Business Matters

06 May 2020

'Trade unions and business leaders were at loggerheads on Monday night over Boris Johnson’s “back to work” strategy, following claims that employees’ lives could be put at risk as the British prime minister tries to restart the economy.' In this article for Business Matters, James Davies discusses the liability risks that employers face and how those risks can be avoided with health and safety regulations.

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Although much of the UK’s employment law derives from the EU, Brexit will have limited implications for it in the immediate term under the terms of the agreement on the future UK-EU relationship concluded on 24 December 2020. However, there is some scope for the UK to amend its laws under the terms of the agreement, and ongoing uncertainty about the future status of key employment decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

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