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Lucy Hendley

Lucy HendleyManaging Legal Trainer

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I am an Employment solicitor and a Managing Legal Trainer specialising in legal training and workplace mediation in the employment team.

My role as a Managing Legal Trainer involves training clients in all aspects of employment law, highlighting developments in the law and providing some practical guidance on how to handle the day-to-day issues which arise from an HR or a manager's perspective.

Manager Training

I regularly conduct training sessions with managers in various companies regarding the handling of disciplinary and grievance issues, the implications and risks of an unfair dismissal claim and the best practice for dealing with such workplace disputes. These sessions also tackle the thorny issues of performance management and sickness absences and use case studies to highlight the ways to improve the problems in these areas. Other sessions to managers focus on diversity and unconscious bias training, identifying the considerable issues which arise out of discrimination law and giving managers advice on the application of a company's equal opportunities policy.

HR Training

I conduct HR training sessions on all aspects of employment law. The training I provide is tailored to the client's particular needs and can be aimed at small groups of HR personnel or to larger audiences. I also run our popular HR Academy at our London offices, providing HR professionals of different levels with an overview of the main aspects of employment law and keeping them up to date on new laws coming in.

Workplace Mediation

I am a CEDR accredited mediator and am often asked by clients to carry out workplace mediations where disputes have arisen between employees or between management and a team member. I also carry out training sessions on mediation skills for HR professionals and managers.


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