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In House Data Club: ArtificiaI Intelligence – Realising the Rewards and Risks

  • 24 May 2023
  • 4pm - 5pm
  • Online - Zoom

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AI promises to revolutionise the way we live and do business. As one pioneer in the field observed: “Just as electricity led to many new innovations, AI will fuel tens of thousands of new applications.”

Large Language Models certainly caught popular imagination following the release of ChatGPT late last year and has turned 2023 into a watershed moment for the adoption of generative AI in particular.

Realising business value from this technology has now found its way on to, if not to the top of, board agendas – but how do you go about doing that?

Realisation is also dawning that, with the potential for reward, comes risk. So while pro-growth governments are keen to drive innovation through the rapid adoption of AI, many data protection regulators are trying to pull up the handbrake, as we saw with April’s temporary suspension of ChatGPT in Italy by the Garante.

The ICO’s view in the UK is that “There really can be no excuse for getting the privacy implications of generative AI wrong.”

So to get it right, join us on 24 May at 4.00pm where we will be joined by Daniel Hulme, CEO of Satalia, and Reva Schwartz of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as we discuss:

  • How businesses can use AI to realise value
  • What the legal and regulatory challenges are when it comes to using AI
  • Ways to mitigate AI risk, including through NIST’s recently launched AI Risk Management Framework

If you have any queries, or a colleague who would like to attend, please contact

Event speakers

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Bryony Long


I am Co-Head of Lewis Silkin’s Data, Privacy & Cyber Group. I work in three main areas: data, privacy & cyber; commercial & consumer; and ...

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Ali Vaziri


I specialise in information law and media litigation, acting for claimants and defendants, businesses and individuals alike, to protect ...

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Daniel Hulme

CEO, Satalia

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Reva Schwartz

Research Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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