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Singapore - Changing terms & conditions, cross-border transfers and terminations across APAC

  • 19 September 2017
  • 9.15am– 11.15am (registration from 8.30am - Including breakfast)
  • Rajah & Tann’s offices at 9 Battery Road, #25-01, Singapore, 049910
  • Entry: Free

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Altering business structures, varying contractual clauses, terminating employment or transferring employees from one office to another – workforce changes are inevitable in any global business.

But all employers must be careful to comply with employment and immigration law requirements, particularly when operating across different APAC countries. Is a group meeting sufficient to communicate contractual changes to your employees, or do you need to obtain consent or signatures? Do you need an employment or business visa? What rights do employees have following a transfer of their employment? And might strict termination rules in one country delay a global restructuring project?

Our international panel will explore the key legal and compliance issues that you need to be aware of when making these types of changes to your workforce. We will use a practical case study to bring the issues to life, and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

The panel will include speakers from some of the top employment and immigration law specialist firms in APAC and will cover Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and China.

If you have any queries regarding this event, please contact our events team.

Please note: This event will also be held in Hong Kong, to sign up to the Hong Kong session please click here.


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