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Corporate Update - November 2019

12 November 2019

Welcome to our November 2019 Corporate Update which brings you news and our views on law and practice for corporates and their owners and managers.

Nottingham Forest FC loses High Court claims following club’s sale but plans appeal

The High Court has dismissed claims arising out of the sale of Nottingham Forest Football Club for breaches of indemnities in the share purchase agreement and for the alleged misrepresentation of the club’s liabilities. - Read more

Dotted lines are disappearing but the Law Commission has joined the dots on electronic signatures

"Because only one thing counts in this life ... get them to sign on the line which is dotted”

The line above is from a 1994 movie (Glengarry Glen Ross). Fast forward to life in 2019, the lines which are dotted are disappearing and signing does not seem as straightforward. To help, the Law Commission has published a report on the electronic execution of documents with the aim of helping “users of e-signatures to proceed with confidence.” - Read more

Brexit – the post Halloween picture as to the minor changes in company law for private and overseas companies

Now that we didn’t leave the EU on 31 October 2019, this article is to update you on, and explain the timing as to, the few changes in company law for private and overseas companies, to be brought about by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. In practice, only companies with a connection to the EEA will be impacted and the action points for them will be fairly minimal. - Read more

Visit our Brexit page HERE for a wider view of the consequences from our other service areas.

Misrepresentation: the pitfalls of pre-contract statements

We have created a new guide to “Misrepresentation: the Pitfalls of Pre-contract Statements”. In the guide, we consider the litigation risk of pre-contract statements, the remedies available in connection with false statements and the contractual protections available to affected parties. We also provide some practical tips to help manage litigation risk in this area. - Read more

See also this summary of our recent seminar “Misrepresentation: the truth, the half-truth and anything but the truth”

Mistakes in contracts – How to assess the parties’ intentions?

The test to be adopted by the courts in assessing what the parties’ intentions were for the purposes of establishing a common mistake has been unclear and the source of much legal debate for several years. However, the Court of Appeal has now considered the issue and concluded that in certain situations the correct test is a subjective one. - Read more

Sara Cohen participates in round-table for Architecture Today: Trust in Employee Ownership

An AT round-table discussion, supported by The Rooflight Company, shared experience of employee ownership among architects and their advisers - Read more

Home Office consultation on modern slavery statements and compliance audit

A consultation has been launched to strengthen the obligation to publish a modern slavery statement under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and to improve the quality of statements being published. Meanwhile, a Home Office audit on business compliance with the legislation is ongoing. - Read more

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