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New gTLD domain

21 May 2019

In one of the most far reaching developments to effect the internet since its creation, in January 2012 ICANN will start the process of releasing potentially hundreds of top level domain names for use by brand owners or as generic references. This presents unparalleled opportunities and risks for all brand owners, and only the best prepared are likely to meet those challenges.

What is .[brand] all about?

ICANN approved the release of the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program in June 2011. As a result, rather than operating websites under the .com suffix, brand owners will have the opportunity to use the suffix

.[brand]. A number of brand owners, for example Canon, have already publicly announced that they will make an application when the submission period opens in 2012. For other companies, having a more generic suffix may prove more advantageous, for example .bank or .pharma. However ICANN has been criticised for the substantial costs that applicants will have to pay.

Brand owners need to consider in good time, before the submission period opens in January 2012, whether the launch of the new gTLDs is an opportunity for their business and make an application, or alternatively whether they need to take a more defensive approach and consider objecting to third party applications, and in due course also register their brands with the clearing house being set up to help avoid cyber squatting.

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