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The Labour Party’s proposed reform to employment law - article series

26 July 2023

Our series of insights explore the Labour Party’s proposals to reform employment law and what these might mean for businesses and workers’ rights.

The next UK general election is expected to be held during 2024. Whilst, according to Harold Wilson’s famous saying, “a week is a long time in politics”, a year is an eternity. Nonetheless, with the Labour Party far ahead according to both pollsters and bookmakers, and promising reforms to the employment landscape of a greater magnitude than, arguably, any time in the last 40 years, employers need to start considering the potential implications for their organisations.

Our team have considered what the employment law landscape might look like under a Keir Starmer-led Labour government by examining Labour’s wide-ranging proposals for reform, including:

If implemented, Labour’s package of proposed reforms would represent the most transformational change to UK employment law in decades, so employers should start considering the potential implications for their operations well in advance.

To discuss any of these topics or the potential wider implications for your business with our experts, you can contact us here.

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