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New sick leave legislation in Ireland –

02 August 2022

Niamh Crotty and Linda Hynes have written an article for the on the new sick leave legislation that has recently been passed by the Oireachtas in Ireland.

The highly anticipated sick leave legislation has recently been passed by the Oireachtas, meaning that for the first time employees in Ireland will have a legal right to sick leave paid by their employer. The implementation date, confirming when employers need to start providing paid sick leave remains to be confirmed, but this is expected to be fairly imminent. The entitlement will start at three days’ paid sick leave in 2022, increasing incrementally, with the intention that employers will cover five days in 2023, seven days in 2024 and eventually 10 days in 2026. This phasing in of sick pay is intended to take account of the current economic climate and the existing financial pressures on businesses, and this will be monitored as the scheme progresses. The rate of sick pay is set at 70pc of an employee’s wage, subject to a daily maximum of €110. This threshold may be reviewed and amended over time in line with changes in income or inflation.”

Read the full article on the website.

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