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Workplace Data Privacy

Our employment team contains a specialist group of employment lawyers who have expertise in handling the full range of workplace data privacy questions, from advising on: cross border data flows; monitoring; background checks and vetting; DSARs, ICO complaints; and the introduction of new technologies in the workplace.

Data Subject Access requests can prove particularly problematic to handle, involving as they often do, a huge volume of email correspondence which needs to be considered before disclosure. Handling these requests can be a headache for over-stretched in-house legal teams. Recognising this challenge we can offer a toolkit for a fixed fee with a menu of options which mixes strategic advice with practical assistance.

We can also help with:

  • policies, notification and notices
  • employee monitoring and investigations
  • ICO investigations
  • background checks and vetting
  • BYOD, social media and LinkedIn
  • data transfer
  • data security
  • manager training
  • data awareness e-learning course

Find out more about how we support clients with their international workplace data privacy needs through the Ius Laboris Data Protection International Practice Group.

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Coronavirus vaccination - FAQs for employers

03 March 2021

Employers are facing many difficult and untested employment law issues as the UK rolls out its Covid-19 vaccination programme. These FAQs cover whether an employer can make vaccination compulsory for its employees, alternatives to a mandatory requirement, time off for vaccine appointments, dealing with vaccine objectors, data privacy concerns and other issues.

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29 October 2020

Covid-19 is causing many employees to ask if they can work from “home” for an extended period in an overseas country - for example, because it is their home nation or their family is based there. This article explains the potential legal issues and how to avoid the traps.

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Looming lockdowns and remote working – to what extent can employees be monitored?

28 October 2020

With reports of businesses increasingly taking steps to monitor staff who are working remotely, this article discusses the legal considerations and how employers can strike an appropriate and fair balance between work and home life.

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Dealing with Data Subject Access Requests

27 October 2020

Receiving a Data Subject Access Request (a ‘DSAR’) can be tricky for any organisation. In addition to the additional work created for overstretched IT, HR and data privacy personnel, the potentially thousands of documents that a DSAR can cover need to be analysed, redacted and reproduced for the data subject, all within the deadline of a calendar month.


ICO publishes updated Data Subject Access Request guidance

23 October 2020

Two and a half years after the GDPR came into force, the ICO have published their long awaited guidance on Data Subject Access Requests (“DSARs”).

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Record €35 million fine for excessive employee monitoring

08 October 2020

An employer in Germany has been fined over €35 million under the General Data Protection Regulation for unlawfully monitoring its employees. What impact could this have on employers in the UK?


Employers duties under the National Security Law from a Data Privacy Perspective

17 August 2020

The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the “NSL”) came into force on 30 June 2020 and raises data privacy concerns for businesses operating in the city.

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