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Defamation & Malicious Falsehood

19 April 2016

Reputation protection which embodies our law of defamation has become increasingly important. Together with the law of privacy, including confidentiality, reputation protection is a vital right for individuals and corporations, especially the advertising industry where image and celebrity rights attract so much attention.

The law of defamation is about an individual, firm or a company’s right to have their reputation or goodwill protected and is balanced with the right to freedom of speech.

English law recognises that every adult has a reputation, and the right to have that reputation protected against false statements and imputations. The law assumes that everyone has a good reputation, until proved otherwise.

Defamatory statements

If the statement is written or is in any other permanent form, such as a picture or on television or on the internet, it is libel.

If it is spoken, it is slander.

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