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Factsheet - International Sportsperson Dependant

06 July 2023

We have produced this factsheet on the International Sportsperson Dependent visa.


The purpose of this visa is to enable the partner and children of an International Sportsperson to accompany them in the UK.


To be eligible, an applicant must be either a:

  • Married partner / civil partner;
  • An unmarried partner, having lived together in a relationship for at least two years prior to the application;
  • A biological child;
  • An adopted child; or
  • In some circumstances, a child for whom the International Sportsperson is a step-parent or has parental responsibility.

Required evidence

This list is not exhaustive. A tailored list of documents will be provided when we assist with the application. Supporting documents will be reviewed by our team, who will advise and confirm their suitability.

Any documents that are not issued in the English language must be compliantly translated by a certified translator in a specific format. We can arrange compliant translations on request.

 Applicant  Documents 
 Married partner / Civil partner 
Original state-issued marriage or civil partnership certificate.
 Unmarried partner

 Evidence of living together in a relationship akin to a marriage for at least two years, such as:

  • Tenancy agreements / mortgage statements;
  • Invoices;
  • Bank statements or bank letters;
  • Government issued documentation;
  • Utility bills;
  • Medical documents;
  • Insurance policies.

At least six documents from the above list should be provided, spread evenly across the two-year period. These can be in joint names or in separate names provided they are to the same residential address.

 Biological child

 Biological children aged under 18 must provide the following:

  • Original state-issued birth certificate showing the names of both parents; and
  • A letter of consent signed by both parents (we will provide a template).

If the child is aged between 16 and 18 years old, they are subject to an additional requirement to demonstrate that they are not leading an independent life. We can advise further on this if needed.

Additional documents must be submitted if the child has one surviving parent, or one parent has sole responsibility for them, or there are serious and compelling reasons to grant the application.

 Adopted child

 Adopted children under the age of 18 must provide the following:

  • Original birth certificate
  • Adoption order and / or certificate and
  • A letter of consent signed by both parents (we will provide a template).
    We can advise further if the above documents are not available or if there are alternative documents.

Process overview and timings

If a partner or child is in the UK with permission other than as a visitor or certain other short-term categories, they may apply in the UK. Otherwise, the application must be made from a country outside of the UK, such as the country of nationality or a country where the applicant has a legal right to reside (not as a visitor).

The process is different depending on the nationality of the applicant. A brief overview of the process is set out in the table below.

Attending a biometrics appointment at a visa application centre (VAC)
Using the Home Office app (currently available only to EEA nationals with a chipped biometric passport)
1. Draft and submit an online application form.
2. Book and attend a biometrics appointment with passport.
3. Allow two to four weeks to receive a decision if applying from outside the UK, or four to eight weeks if applying in the UK (unless using priority services).
1. Scan passport and provide biometrics using the app.
2. Draft and submit an online application form.
3. Allow four to eight weeks for a decision (unless using priority services).

Application costs

Application costs are incurred per applicant and the total cost depends on how long the applicant intends to stay in the UK. The below costs are based on a stay of 12 months or longer.

  • Visa application fee: £625;
  • Immigration Health Surcharge fee incurred per year of stay: £624 for an adult and £470 for a child;
  • If applicable, additional VAC fees such as an appointment fee and courier fees: This can vary up to £200;
  • Priority services: This can vary from approximately £250 to £1200*.

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