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Protecting your reputation via your legal and regulatory rights

05 April 2015

“The exercise of restraint over the media by means of the threat and/or use of all available legal and regulatory mechanisms” - The deinition of Meda Management

Protecting the reputation of your company, brands and key individuals

  1. According to the World Economic Forum, your most valuable asset is your reputation. It should therefore be guarded jealously when it is under threat from the commercial media.
  2. There is a commercial value to the media in damaging reputations. Your best means of defence is to provide them with a commercial disincentive to do so. This is most effectively delivered by the threat of damages and legal costs.
  3. For most corporate entities the regulators (IPSO/Ofcom) are the primary means of preserving reputation from media damage from the commercial media.
  4. The commercial and social media is growing exponentially. Since negative news (in particular) now spreads virally, it is essential to take swift and decisive action in a media crisis.
  5. Your key individuals have a legal right to their reputation (and privacy) by virtue of Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Your company has this right under well established UK law. There are legal and regulatory means of protection against unlawful attacks on your reputation and you are fully entitled to insist on your rights being respected by the media.
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