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Adjusted right to work checks extended to 5 April 2022

26 August 2021

In yet another last-minute climb-down, the Home Office has announced that adjusted right to work checks will remain in place until at least 5 April 2022. The announcement also suggests that in the interim, the Home Office will work to put a long-term, post-pandemic solution in place.

The announcement has been made on 26 August 2021, just days before the adjusted checks were due to be ended on 31 August 2021. It offers employers much more certainty that they will not be facing yet another logistical headache over the coming months.

Employers are already able to conduct fully compliant online right to work checks for existing or prospective employees using the Home Office’s online right to work check service. However, the online system is not currently available for people who do not need immigration permission to live and work in the UK, such as British and Irish citizens. The Home Office is therefore planning to implement a further digital solution to cover all individuals whose right to work needs checking.

The Home Office’s acknowledgement that businesses are happy with the adjusted process suggests there may be scope for a further extension if the new digital solution is not available by 5 April 2022.

If you have any queries about this announcement, please contact a member of our Immigration Team.

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