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Apprentice Insights

Applications for our London 2024 Solicitor Apprenticeship programme open on 2nd October 2023. Applications will close at 23:59 on 22nd December 2023.

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Angel Skyers, Solicitor Apprentice:

Angel Skyers

“I have been an apprentice at Lewis Silkin since September 2020. So far as an apprentice, my overall experience has been both challenging and exciting. I’ve learnt loads of new things from scratch which has been difficult at times, however I receive a lot of guidance and training to support me. Everyone is so supportive and friendly; I have never been afraid to ask a question which means I now have a much more varied skill set than when I started the job!

The combination of studying and working means that I am learning about so many different aspects of law. Although I have only been a part of the team for just over a year, I have learnt so much from my courses at BPP (everything from tort law to Client Care) and my office experience. With 5 years left of this experience I am certain I will be ahead of the level I would have been had I chosen to go to university. You learn so much through your degree apprenticeship as well as being in the office, actually practising the job you are aspiring towards.

Studying and working can be a little hard to balance sometimes however, once you have found your preferred way of organising yourself (I like to keep diaries and make to-do lists), you will soon find it totally manageable.

I wouldn't change my decision on taking the apprenticeship route as I have not had any doubts about my experience.”

Tom Glenn, Solicitor Apprentice:

Tom Glenn

“I joined Lewis Silkin as a Solicitor Apprentice in September 2022. Since joining Lewis Silkin, I have worked in the Immigration Team, which has been a challenge, but also extremely interesting. Everyone I have met during my apprenticeship has been extremely friendly, supportive, and taken a genuine interest in what I get up to as an Apprentice. This has made me feel very welcome and like I am a valued member of the firm. My colleagues are very helpful and always make time to support me where necessary or explain things to me.

My experience so far has far exceeded my expectations and I have learnt an immense amount. I was interested in this route due to the prospect of legal experience whilst studying, the chance to work alongside successful colleagues who operate at the highest level of their practice area, and the opportunity to be involved in fascinating industries, working for big clients. My time at Lewis Silkin so far, has delivered on all of these. I have been given an amazing number of opportunities to learn new skills or try new things.

As part of an Apprenticeship and alongside your work, you will complete studies with BPP. This has given me the chance to learn about a variety of legal topics, ranging from modules like Contract Law to skills like Legal Research. Learning outside of work supplements my understanding and helps me complete tasks in the workplace.  Whilst at times it can be challenging to gauge the correct balance between work and study, it can be easily completed with good organisational skills and planning. I timetable my week in detail to ensure I have adequate time to complete all my tasks.

The decision to join Lewis Silkin as a Solicitor Apprentice is one of the best decisions I have made. I have enjoyed every minute of my time here and have absolutely zero regrets.”

A.J. Wynter, Solicitor Apprentice:

AJ Wynter

“I embarked on my solicitor apprenticeship journey at the age of 18, and it has been an incredible three-years. During this time, I have had the privilege of working with an outstanding team of legal professionals who have nurtured my growth and provided me with invaluable opportunities to thrive.

Throughout my apprenticeship, I have been fortunate to secure two significant secondments, allowing me to immerse myself in different facets of the legal world. These experiences have been instrumental in broadening my legal knowledge and sharpening my skills. I've had the chance to work on extensive projects that challenged me to think critically, problem-solve, and contribute meaningfully to our client's success.

The apprenticeship program has honed my legal acumen and instilled in me a deep appreciation for teamwork, dedication, and professionalism. I've been part of a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages continuous learning and personal development.

I'm immensely grateful for the opportunities and mentorship I've received during these three years. My solicitor apprenticeship has not just been a job; it's been a transformative learning experience that has set a solid foundation for my future legal career.

I look forward to continuing this incredible journey, building on the strong foundation I've established during my apprenticeship, and contributing even more to the world of law.”

Karish Andrews, Partner, Corporate:

Karish Andrews

“We are really proud of our Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme. At Lewis Silkin we want our workplace to be a diverse and inclusive environment, reflective of our friends, clients, and the society in which we live and work. We are committed to increasing the number of ethnically diverse solicitors and staff at the firm, providing access to a wider pool of applicants, and to ensuring that our culture allows everyone to feel at home and be successful.”

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