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We will be running a series of events, offering you the opportunity to gain an insight into our culture and find out more about life at Lewis Silkin.

Our events include presentations, skills sessions and interactive workshops. Whichever session(s) you choose to attend, you’ll be able to meet our trainees and lawyers who are looking forward to answering your questions.

To register your interest, please email our graduate recruitment team, letting us know which event(s) you’d like to come along to. We look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Virtual Law Fair, hosted by Legal Cheek
    Tuesday 10th October & Tuesday 21st November

    For further details, or to sign up to attend, please use this link.
  • Technology & Communications: ChatGPT: opportunities, challenges, and issues, hosted by AllAboutLaw
    Wednesday 11th October

    Register your interest here.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), spearheaded by ChatGPT is rapidly changing the world, and the legal implications of this technology are still being debated. This panel discussion will explore the legal aspects of AI, including the regulation of AI, the ownership of AI-generated works, the impact of AI on employment, and the ethical implications of AI.

  • What are the key legal challenges posed by AI?
  • How is AI being regulated around the world?
  • Who owns AI-generated works?
  • How will AI impact employment, in law and across various industries?
  • What are the ethical implications of AI?
  • What are the opportunities for solicitors in the field of AI law?
  • What skills do solicitors need to be successful in the field of AI law?
  • What are the challenges of working in the field of AI law?
  • Media, Entertainment & Sport: Power, portability, profit? How handheld consoles are transforming the gaming industry, hosted by AllAboutLaw
    Thursday 12th October

    Register your interest here.

The rise of handheld gaming has been a major trend in the video game industry in recent years. Handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck have become increasingly popular, as they offer gamers the ability to play their favourite games on the go.

Modern handheld consoles are now capable of playing games that are just as visually impressive as those found on home consoles. This, combined with the fact that they are small and lightweight, makes them ideal for gamers who want to be able to play their favourite games anywhere, and therefore compete with mobile games for the eyeballs of consumers… and their wallets.

  • What are the specific legal challenges that developers and publishers of handheld games face?
  • What are the ethical considerations of in-game purchases, such as loot boxes and microtransactions?
  • Will the rise of handheld gaming impact the esports industry or is the power of traditional consoles and PCs too great?
  • How can the law ensure that handheld games are accessible to people with disabilities just like other forms of entertainment such as live music and sport?
  • What are the potential legal risks associated with the use of handheld gaming devices in public places, such as airplanes and schools?
  • How can the law keep up with the rapid pace of change in the handheld gaming industry?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for solicitors in the field of handheld gaming?
  • What is the future of handheld gaming?
  • Navigating Employment Law with Lewis Silkin, hosted by AllAboutLaw
    Monday 16th October

    Register your interest here.

Hear from our market-leading Employment team on some of the complex issues currently impacting UK Employment law. Our specialists will provide insight on recent topics impacting our clients, and how they navigate providing outstanding quality advise in an everchanging climate.

  • An Insight to Immigration Law, hosted by AllAboutLaw
    Wednesday 18th October

    Register your interest here.

Hear from our highly accredited Immigration team on some of the complex topics currently impacting UK Immigration law. They will provide valuable insight on some of the key legal issues that our team deals with.

  • How to Network Effectively and Build Connections, hosted by AllAboutLaw
    Wednesday 18th October

    Register your interest here.

This event is focused on the power of networking and building connections in the legal industry. Learn effective strategies for expanding your professional network, cultivating meaningful relationships, and leveraging these connections to access training contracts, vacation schemes, and other job opportunities as you move through your legal career journey.

1. What are the benefits of networking in the legal industry, and how can aspiring solicitors get started?

2. Can you share tips on how to build and maintain professional relationships?

3. How can individuals overcome the fear or apprehension associated with networking and approach it with confidence?

4. What strategies can be employed to make a lasting impression and stand out in networking interactions?

5. Can you provide examples of successful networking experiences or stories that have led to career opportunities?

6. How can individuals leverage social media platforms and online networking to expand their professional connections?

7. Are there any specific etiquette or best practices to keep in mind when networking within the legal profession?

8. Can you share advice on how to network effectively even in virtual or remote settings?

  • Exclusive insight into being part of a small trainee intake, hosted by the Inn Group
    Tuesday 31st October - 12:00-13:30
    Our trainees provide some insight on the benefits and challenges of training in a smaller intake. From workload to work life balance, they'll discuss everything you need to know about being part of a smaller cohort. For further details, and to register you interest, please visit Eventbrite. Register your interest here.

  • Panel Event (The University of Law's Big Commercial Awareness Themes event), hosted by Legal Cheek
    Monday 6th November

    A virtual event in partnership with The University of Law (ULaw) exploring the big commercial awareness themes that students need to focus on as they apply for training contracts.
    The virtual event kicks off with a panel discussion chaired by a Legal Cheek journalist featuring a panel of lawyers from different firms.

  • Trainee Opening Evening
    Thursday 30th November

    Come join us in our London office for the opportunity to meet some of our team and current trainees. This will be followed by a networking event. Register for this event here.
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